January 14, 2014


1. favorite new candle, fig and redwood (from target)
2. my army crawler
3. my brother jason, taken the morning he left to move to france 
4. beautiful mama, at the airport
5. paper whites blooming (christmas gift from my mama)
6. thrifted beauty, air drying
7. clippings from the yard that look like a plant
8. lots of cuddles this week
9. sleeping thighs + light
10. sunday at the farmer's market
11. yoga with mama

i was listening to a program at the gym the other day about the scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson and he said something so profound and so simple that hit the very contents of my heart: think big early and get out of the way. he wasn't just talking about astrophysics but about allowing your child to explore and think and question and discover and take part of life from the very beginning.

his statement has nothing to do with these photos, but his ideas are so beautiful and limitless that i am already practicing his advice daily. even handing augustus an apple or a whisk or simply a colorful bowl brings in a light i've never seen. since i can't give him the world, i hope to give him the space to think far beyond it.