January 6, 2014


1. fresh trader joe mini roses at my bedside and all over our house
2. after a long saturday nap, playing with his favorite toys ;)
3. my favorite night gown in saturday morning light
4. husband writing scores, just beyond the roses
5. sunday afternoon snuggling
6. mandala~making, far more inexpensive than therapy
7. sweet gift from steve, filled with my favorite tea (genmaicha)
8. our sunday love

the first few days and weeks of any new calendar year always get me incredibly excited thinking about what could happen in the year(s) to come. fresh starts can happen daily, but there's something so beautiful about seeing its freshness in the beginning of january; it's physicality is overwhelming, clear and stands tall like a mighty oak.

to be honest, i am such a victim of fresh starts ~ i've been to the gym more this week than i have in the longest time, i've cooked almost every meal we've eaten, i've been much kinder and a lot of personal goals are manifesting more and more each hour. i am also participating in the 52 week project started by the loveliest which will challenge me to capture my baby boy exactly as he is ~ candidly, without restraint. i have wanted to participate in this series for the longest time, but hadn't a little love to capture.

a little more of what you will see on the blog this year:

here + there: a series of photos from the week that represent a small story of our days. i have a feeling i will love this most, as there is no real order or semblance ~ the photos will be simply enough, all on their own.

sunday soup: for some of our goals this year, my husband and i decided that since sunday is our favorite day of the week (and the day we walk to the farmer's market, stocking up on all the fresh produce for the week), we thought it would be fun (and romantic!) to make soup together with the fresh ingredients we bought that day.

our mornings: simply, what our mornings look like.

lovebody: i am still working through the concept of this one, but what it comes down to is this: finding peace must always start from within.

i can't wait to walk through this year with you all. this time, everything just feels different and possible. everything feels within reach. i haven't always said that, and i might not always say it, but i have a strange feeling that the best is truly yet to come. for us all. xo


  1. I feel lots of things are possible this year too! I'll join you in this feeling Kerrie!

  2. This is beautiful Kerrie. Your words are lovely.