January 13, 2014


every so often, people enter your lives who are supposed to change you forever. angelica is one of these people. i met her through instagram and the world she creates for her and her romantic family renders me speechless each and every day. her photos, her writing, her style. she is a modern day victorian goddess.

i received this (by complete surprise!)beautiful doll in the mail today, handmade, thread by thread, by angelica. she is without a doubt, the prettiest doll i have ever seen. the stitching of the moon, the pinkness of her heart lip, the delicate feather scarf. the pale hues. her long limbs and timeless class. everything is perfect.

you can follow angelica's blog here. and purchase one of her dolls here. and follow her heartbreakingly beautiful instagram here.

thank you, sweet new friend. i will cherish her forever.

last photo, from angelica's blog*


  1. She is beautifully dreamy. I am returning to stitching. I haven't done any since childhood, but I miss it. Angelica's photo is so gently ethereal. Loveliness. xo

  2. This looks like an heirloom doll! What a treasure. Thanks for introducing me to Angelica. I can tell you two are definitely kindred souls......

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