December 2, 2013


i've been feeling so quiet lately, craving peace and family and subtlety. a small and unwelcome wave of sadness has set in, and i'm trying hard to fight it.  i haven't had strong desires to pick up my camera or phone as much, which is always a welcomed mood as it often becomes so much work capturing life.

we had a beautiful thanksgiving, spent with dear family and friends. we actually had the dinner itself in my aunt's barn, where we had our wedding reception. the chandelier wrapped in flowers and the vintage wallpaper we hung is still up. my husband kissed me remembering out loud all the tiny little details.

we fed my aunt's buffalo apples and steve made his famous garlic mashed potatoes and i made these brown butter pumpkin cupcakes and added butterscotch to the caramel. i couldn't believe how incredible they were.

we spent a lot of this weekend just being together. we walked around bookstores and libraries and drank champagne next to fireplaces and went on a beautiful bike ride when the sun was just about to set. steve took me to a new restaurant in town and we saw the new catching fire movie. i spent some time making more floral mandalas and put some dye on my hair in the spirit of the new season that is to come. i also created (with my husband's firm encouragement) a writing space for myself, with a desk and everything. i feel so grateful for a little place to call my own, as i've never had a place to write. it had always been on a bed or a table, so this is especially beautiful for me.

steve leaves for a trip to an island today and my heart is very heavy at the thought of him being gone. i know it's not forever and i can't even imagine how some people do it all the time. i'm just feeling sentimental as his love is a very powerful force in our lives.

i hope you are all well and warm, friends.


  1. beautiful girl,

    i know that sadness all too well, i'm afraid. it makes me so very sad to know it is something you are fighting at this very minute~ just looking through your perfect photos lifts my own spirits. i do that, sometimes, you know, with my own photos. when i feel very sad, i mean. it helps me to remember always how much i am so grateful for.
    your thanksgiving sounds like it was glitteringly splendid and i am so happy it was so. chandeliers wrapped in flowers! oh my.
    i am absolutely the same when it comes to my husband leaving for business. i get overwhelmed with feelings of being alone and it somehow feels like the day he will return will absolutely never come and i miss him so terribly that it's almost comical for being apart for only one week or so, especially when i think about all the others who have that reality almost every day.
    then, he comes home and it's like no time even passed between us :)

    i hope you will do well while he is gone and please always remember that in a small rural town in virginia there is a girl who is here to talk, if you ever need it <3

  2. Your thoughts are so beautiful to me...even the sadness. It is a part of all of our lives, most of us just don't usually acknowledge it. Your floral art is so peaceful and this peace touches my heart more than the others you have shared. Enjoy your new space that is just yours.

  3. Your Thanksgiving sounds magical! I do understand your need to be quiet. I am that way right now too. I haven't been on IG lately. The newness of it has died down for me and I get a bit overwhelmed with it all. I am grateful for you and your beautiful blog posts, but I understand when you feel the need to step away. I hope your days are less blue Kerrie, because there is so much beauty to celebrate in December. xoxo

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