November 25, 2013


it has been a long and exhausting last few days in the moon household since our little one has been plagued by his first cold. oh, how long the nights have been. and days. little known fact, babies can wake up over twenty times in a single night.

i am tired, but well. i keep reminding myself of that.

we spent a lot of our time slowing down, cuddling, navigating and gently treading through his first sickness. i won't forget this time, not ever. it has been a huge learning curve for us, and caring for a beautiful, pure being is humbling. he looks to me for everything, but little does he know, i only know very little. i rely heavily on a force much greater than my own.

on sunday, once steve returned home to us (after being gone all weekend, as he is most weekends) we ventured downtown, as we do most sundays. the sun was so bright and so warm, i could feel my bones ignite and my skin felt softer. i believe so much in the power of nature and i am convinced just a few moments outside, in the earth's air, under mother nature's trees is where true healing rests. we read in the sunshine at our favorite coffee shop and bought our week's produce from the farmer's market. i rocked my sweet boy on my chest in my favorite new sling until he fell asleep. steve kissed us both, even more so than usual.

i've always loved sundays, but lately, they've felt so earned and even more beautiful.


  1. dearest kerrie,

    i am so so very happy you have discovered sakura bloom slings! aren't they divine? i also have the organic maple and it's my very very favorite still after having trying many of them! you and gus look so beautiful in all of your pictures.

    i am so sorry you have been going through your first cold. rosalita was also very sick this past week and we spent three days at the hospital and it tugs at your heart so much as a mama and it's as though you never knew how tired a human could really be until they are sick :( it's so hard. i am so happy you've gotten through it though, and i hope everything will be looking up for you and your little family this thanksgiving week.

    i hope you have a lovely day!


    p.s.i loved clicking through that link and seeing rosalita as a six month old again!

  2. Caring for a sick child is one of the hardest parts of parenting. You want to take it all away, but you can't. It does humble you. I do hope he is all better now. Lovely words as usual Kerrie.