October 28, 2013


augustus george turned six months on friday.


each time the 25th pops up, i know another month has flown beyond the speed of light, and our beautiful boy is no longer as small as he was the month before.

he loves being held most of the day. and he loves his toes, hands, my hair, papa's watch, grampy's hold, grammy's voice, bananas, avocados and long walks anywhere.

he gives away his smiles for free, to anyone and everyone.

he cries when something's worth crying about. for example, not being held.

another example: not being held. :)

we spend a lot of time together, sitting under trees, walking the garden, playing in leaves, reading books and playing on papa's lap playing the piano. he is a happy soul, wise and loving and deeply cuddly.

he is our new way of living. and i swear on all that i know that i don't know what life was ever like before him.


  1. Sweetest Mama and baby boy, ever! xo Jen

    1. thank you, jen. he's the one i always dreamed for.

  2. He is so precious! Motherhood is quite amazing and like you, I feel this with each of my 4 children. I often wonder what was life without children and quite frankly, I don't care to know because life with them is simply lovely! Congrats on his 6 month milestone!! xo ~Ashley

    1. Hi Ashley ~ I know exactly what you speak of, and I know our love will only grow ever more powerful each minute that passes. Let us hold onto each and every lasting moment. xoxo

  3. kerrie <3 is augustus born on the 25th !? i have a son too, he is my everything, the sweetest, kindest, most adorable boy, his name is Allegri . born on the 25th of augustus 1990 :)