October 21, 2013


on friday morning, augustus and i sat underneath our tall pine tree in our backyard, doing nothing, just being, just breathing. have you ever tried that ~ just being. taking in the air, the sounds, the smells. it's often a hard task, slowing the world inside you and just existing inside yourself, letting what's around you surround all of you.

i used to be a balloon, ready to float away from a moment so easily, like poof i'm gone. i would allow distraction to take me away with the slight drop in the air. i would allow myself to leave perfectly beautiful moments, moving on as quickly as i showed up. i think we are all so guilty of this, especially in these times, with all this....technology. we leave trees and flowers and autumn leaves crackling under our shoes and watercolors and birthday celebrations and talking with friends over coffee ~ to crawl into our little fixes. we check this or that, we scroll this or that, and just like that we have left our moment to show up at another one, and the cycle repeats itself, daily, hourly, by the minutes.

having a child forces you to be idle in your being. to sit under the pine tree and look up at all there is, all the possibility, all the color and dream. we sat together, looking up. from day one, this boy of ours has loved being underneath trees, watching the leaves move with his whole body. there are no distractions for him, nothing that pulls him out. he is always fully there, honest and immersed.

i want to be more like him. he is the whole of all. he knows no moment than the one he is in. because he is all there. there is nowhere else to be.

photos of our simple weekend in order:

coffee in hand, talking about his big dreams in the nursery
he surprised me friday morning with flowers, our favorite coffee and french press
a pine wreath made from clippings from our tree (our whole house smells like christmas)
mid-day light from the window, after his nap
my husband made me cookies from scratch because i was feeling sick (he's never made them before and they are probably the best cookies i've ever had)
my favorite snack: toast, peanut butter, strawberries, chia seeds & honey

i hope you all had a wonderful, slow weekend. and i hope that in the week to come, you can practice your own form of simple living, by doing what (only you know) needs to be done. 


  1. Hi Kerrie!
    You wrote this so beautifully...I especially love the thought of letting what's around...surround all of you. I've really tried lately to live slower..with more purpose and intention. Sometimes I feel like time goes by in a blink and wonder how much I'm missing before I realize it. I love the quiet and I love to be alone in it...thinking, watching, listening.
    It sounds like you had a really lovely weekend....flowers, cookies and a sweet baby. You're a lucky girl!

    Sarah xo

  2. Beautiful words Kerrie. I made a conscious decision to simplify a few years back. I'm trying to instill it in my boys as well. Every moment of every day does not need to be filled. I love peace and quiet and yearn for it each day.